Asterlili was first started as an outlet for me to share my love for Korean beauty products with the world. We launched our site at the end of 2017 as my side passion project while I was a stay at home mom with my baby Cameron. Needless to say, it has been a fantastic two years. Thank you all so much for your support and for letting us be a part of your K-Beauty journey. We have truly enjoyed growing and sharing our love for Korean skincare with you, and we look forward to sharing much more in the years to come. I am so excited as I see Asterlili evolve and become something more than just a K-beauty store.

As with everything in this world, change is inevitable, and I believe it is crucial to embrace it so we can fully appreciate and enjoy our lives. In 2018 we were blessed with another precious baby. Our beautiful Kristen Rose was born completing our family of four. As a new mother of two heavenly little human beings, life was a lot more hectic than before. Running on just a few hours of sleep, I found myself struggling to keep up with many things, especially my so loved skincare routines. I thought to myself jeez, as a woman, motherhood really brings such a big array of changes. Whether it is physical or emotional, everything becomes so different. The meaning of “skincare” or “beauty” was not the same for me anymore. It wasn’t just about having beautiful skin, “Beauty” became more of a need for physical and mental wellness. It was about being able to feel beautiful and content with myself through all the exhaustion and hecticness. I realized self-care is something that we moms absolutely need but tend to overlook a lot. As a mother, we juggle many things at once and most of the time, life becomes about everyone else, but being able to focus on our own physical and mental wellness is also very important.

That is why I want Asterlili to bring focus to today’s true modern women, the busy moms of the world. Whether it is beauty, body and mental health, career, travel or motherhood, I want us to be a space that can provide support to all mothers. Sharing our stories and passions while giving emphasis on self-care to help us FEEL beautiful, both physically and emotionally, so we can be the best versions of ourselves. Because I believe when raising our precious children, only the best in us can bring out the best in them.