Recipes: sushi at home

Sushi has always been a popular item in our household. Our whole family loves it, and it is usually my son’s first choice of food when we ask him what he wants to eat. Just last week, he told me he was missing it so much he wishes he could eat a whole tray full of it. Even I was craving for sushi and hoping we could have it, but since eating at a restaurant right now is not an option, I decided to do our own version of “sushi-night” at home. It was a fun experience for our family, and my little guy got to have his small fix until we can have the real thing. 

I used smoked salmon because that was the closest we could get to raw fish and my son loves it. For my fifteen month old baby I used chicken breast meat that i had previously Sous vide since she is too young for smoked fish. You can get creative and use any other ingredients you like. Avocado is another popular choice with both of my kids and also baked sweet potato sticks. 

As for the sushi rice, you can use any glutinous white rice mixed with sushi rice seasoning. You can find this in Asian markets in a variety of brands. I used the Kikkoman brand seasoning for sushi rice because I like that the vinegar taste is not too strong. 


  • Smoked Salmon ( Sous vide chicken for baby version)
  • Cucumber
  • Sushi Rice (Glutinous white rice mixed with Sushi-Rice Seasoning)
  • Nori (Roasted seaweed)
  • Roasted sesame seeds (Optional)
  • Rolling bamboo mat for sushi making