Self-care: Unwind and relax daily

These days we all need an emphasis on self-care more than ever. With schools closed and us working from home, I find myself having to re-arrange everyone’s daily schedules to accommodate all under one roof 24/7. It is not an easy task, and our days are pretty hectic trying to keep everyone on their activities, all while Kenny and I are both taking work calls, but on the bright side, I am grateful that we can all be together, safe and healthy.

With that said, after a long day, I do look forward to the end of the night once kids have gone to bed, things quiet down, and I can have a moment to focus on myself. I try to relax with a sheet mask, enjoy a glass of wine, or just read a book before bed to keep stress and anxiety levels down. We all have different ways to deal with our emotions, so it is essential to find what works for you – create your ritual. The key is to give your body and mind an opportunity to unwind, rest, and recharge for the next day because self-care is essential for us moms, especially during these stressful and uncertain times. We must take care of ourselves first so we can be there for our children. Our emotional stability is crucial for their well being as they are now more than ever looking to us for comfort and reassurance, to feel and know that things will be ok. If we are stressed and anxious, it will naturally affect them as they take notice of our body language, starting from our mannerisms to our tone when speaking. If we can be calm around them, chances are it will help them feel more secured and less anxious.

These are some of the ways I have found very helpful when looking to unwind and relax at night. Hopefully, it can help you guys as well!

Put on a sheet mask
Sheet masking is a great way to relax and take care of your skin at the same time. Stress and anxiety are known to cause premature aging as it takes a toll on our bodies. One of my favorite ways to unwind is sheet masking at night. You can watch a show, read a book, or simply lie down and close your eyes while doing this. I find that it helps my body relax for a good night’s sleep plus bonus; you wake up with glowing and hydrated skin.

Practice relaxation exercises – Guided meditation
Meditating is proven to release stress and anxiety. You can meditate anywhere as long as it is quiet and you are comfortable. I usually do it right before sleeping while lying in bed. You can find meditation apps, podcasts, or even playlists on youtube for a short guided breathing exercise. I like to listen to “The Mindful Minute,” which is a great meditation podcast for beginners by Mery Arnett. Being able to bring awareness to your breath and refocus your attention on the present moment can help you manage stress, reduce anxiety, and feel more energized.

Enjoy that glass of wine. Yum!
Yes, this is right! Having a glass of wine at the end of the day is a common form of self-care – a way to unwind and relax after a stressful day. Now, do keep in mind that alcohol as useful as it is; it is also a somewhat risky self-care tool. One that is hard to cap at one or two, mainly because it is almost too effective at helping us unwind. So although a glass here and there is perfectly helpful for relaxing, it is equally important to remember to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol. A fun way to do it – after the kids have gone to bed, I like to treat myself to a glass of wine and ask my husband to join me on a little after-hour indoor “date.” It can be a fun thing to do during these lockdown times, and a great way to change things up a little. Spending some quality time with your significant other while enjoying some good wine, and good food can be a sweet treat.

Listen to your favorite song/music.
Listening to music is a great way to combat stress and anxiety as it helps you relax and achieve a better good night’s sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, music has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body relax and prepare for a good rest. So put on some headphones and crank up that song you love so much. You can dance to it, sing to it or relax, enjoy it!

Taking some time every night to focus on ourselves can really go a long way in helping achieve a good night sleep and having a better next day. During these times of uncertainty it is important we all take care of ourselves, our babies and our loved ones. Here is to well rested nights and many good days to come!