Morning skincare routine hacks

The concept of “multitaskers” in skincare is not new. It is well known to anyone who is looking to cut down the number of skincare products they use when short on time.

We all know leaving the house in the morning becomes practically a war zone when you have kids. Between getting them dressed, feeding them, and packing lunches, there is barely any time left for your skincare routine unless you lose some extra sleep and wake up a lot earlier. But what if there is a way to get it all done without sacrificing any sleep? 

After trying many “multitasker” products, there were only a few that I found efficient, showing excellent results while helping me cut short my AM skincare routine. You can achieve cleansing, toning, treating (Serum), moisturizing, protecting (SPF), and even a makeup finish with these quick steps. Also, the efficient packaging of these products can help you do the entire routine while holding your baby in one arm. If you are like me with a little one at home, you will find these very helpful!

Cleansing waters

Perfect for the morning rush, cleansing waters remove all the oil from the night before without stripping your skin dry, plus it is a super time saver. Just a quick swipe, light, or even no-rinse, and you are ready to go. A favorite of mine is Hanyul’s Pure Artemisia Cleansing Water. This cleanser is very mild, which works well for sensitive, combination skin. The best part, it does not leave a sticky or greasy feel. 

3 in 1 – Toner/Serum/ Mist

Just as you can see in the name, a toner mist that contains serum or oil is an excellent way to get 2 steps of your skincare routine in one spray. My favorite is the “Time is running out” Mist from Sioris. Perfect for busy mommies who need hydration and nourishment for their skin in just a few sprays. 

Moisturizing sunscreen

Using a sunscreen with a high concentration of humectants that help your skin retain the most amount of moisture while protecting it from the sun is an excellent way to get moisturizing and sun protection in one. I personally find the “Shield Fit Snail Essence Sun Cream with SPF 50+” from COSRX a great choice since it is very hydrating while also having a high SPF. This sunscreen is perfect for those days when you are in a rush but don’t want your skin to suffer from dehydration and harmful UV rays. It has a high concentration of snail mucin, which is well known for its hydrating, nourishing, and reinvigorating components. 

Cushion compact with SPF

A quick way to achieve a natural put-together look is to finish your skincare routine with a cushion compact. Korean cushion compacts are known for having a lot of skincare ingredients, and a high level of SPF (double SPF protection for anti-wrinkles is the way to go!). They also provide excellent coverage giving you a flawless finish. My personal favorite is the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion. It blends beautifully, giving you an even skin tone and natural look. For someone like me with darker skin, finding a Korean cushion that does not give me a ghost face is always challenging, but out of all the ones I’ve tried, this was definitely a winner! 

These are four steps that can help maintain your skin even through the busiest of mornings, so go ahead press that snooze button and enjoy a little extra sleep before it is time to get up and tackle the day!